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Pain Management


Calvert Memorial Hospital's Pain Management Center specializes in the latest techniques available for treating pain. We provide comprehensive pain management assessments as well as state-of-the-art fluoroscopic-guided injections for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. We also offer medication management and coordination of care.

To schedule an appointment with our pain center, call 410-414-APPT.

Interventional Procedures Performed for the Spine: 
- Epidural injections with or without steroids: neck, chest, lower back and caudal (tail/sit bone area)
- Spinal: diagnostic lumbar puncture, injection of medications or continuous infusion for chronic pain control or spasticity (trial basis only)
- Facet joint or nerve blocks to numb facet joints in neck, chest and lower back areas
- Selective nerve root blocks: neck, chest and lower back areas
- Sacroiliac joint injection for joint arthritis
- Trigger point injections for muscle and related pain

Sympathetic Blocks to Relieve Certain Types of Autonomic Pain:
- Block of all peripheral nerves and branches for various pain syndromes
- Block of intercostal nerves
- Block of trigeminal nerve and its branches for certain types of facial pain

Radio Frequency Neuroablation:
- Destruction of nerves that supply sacroiliac joint and facet joint

- Spinal cord stimulator to exert pulsed electrical signal to the spinal cord to control spinal pain
- Electrical leads are placed through a needle in epidural space for:  
- Recalcitrant backache and neck ache not responding to surgery
- Patients who are not surgical candidates
- Patients who have peripheral vascular disease
- Click here for help finding a doctor who specializes in pain management.

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