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Wound Care

Wound Care


The Center for Wound
Healing is located on the first
floor of the hospital adjacent
to the Emergency Department. The hours are Tuesday
through Thursday from
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Call 410-414-APPT.


Proper wound care is important.  Ignoring problems or failing to recognize danger signs can delay healing, lead to infection and even amputation. However, proper care can speed healing, reduce pain and lessen scarring that could affect mobility.

We offer:

  • Specialized treatment of chronic/acute wounds: diabetic, arterial, venous, pressure and surgical
  • Personalized and dedicated patient care
  • Resources for diabetic foot care
  • Inpatient and outpatient services
  • Private treatment areas
  • Family and caregiver education

Sensation Testing

  • Vascular Studies
  • Pictorial Wound Documentation

 Coordinated care

  • With your physician, surgeon or specialist
  • Additional services: nutrition counseling, diabetic education, home health care and custom-made orthotics

Specialized services

  • Electrical stimulation/ultrasound (to promote skin growth)
  • Pulsed lavage/hydrotherapy for wound irrigation (to remove dead skin and clean infection)

Your Healing Program
On your first visit, your wound and general health will be evaluated and your medical history, current medications and allergies reviewed. You may also need special tests to determine information about blood flow to the wound area. Once your test results are evaluated, an individualized treatment program will be tailored to your needs. You will continue to have regular visits to the center to provide treatment as healing progresses. You will also be given detailed instructions for your care at home.

Dr. Nancy Clark serves as the medical director and she is a board-certified vascular surgeon who has 10 years experience treating patients with complex circulation or blood flow problems. She has been medical director of the wound care program at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore since 2003.

Knowledgeable staff
  • 25 years combined experience in wound care
  • Specially trained in latest wound care techniques
  • Comprehensive evaluations

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